To What Extent Does the Location Affect Successful Outsourcing?


The Digital revolution made this world more connected. People can interact, transfer knowledge and make financial transactions sitting anywhere around the globe. What it has made in business are tremendous impacts. Here, BPO services is a popular business strategy to manage various business operations by which companies get technical assistance irrespective of national boundaries. What we try to discuss here is how location becomes crucial in deciding the success of your outsourcing project. Let us go into detail.

Defining Outsourcing

Outsourcing is the process of hiring an agency to handle specific projects. It is the most effective method to handle in-house back-office documentation works. You can find and hire an offshore outsourcing company with great ease and have effective communication about the project to be done. It is more cost-effective, time-saving, and quality ensured. Based on where the outsourcing partner is situated, it is categorized into three.

Onshore Outsourcing- It is joining hands with a company situated in the same country.

Nearshore Outsourcing- Here, the outsourcing partner will be in a different country, but it is near abroad.

Offshore Outsourcing- In this case, the BPO company will be in more remote parts of the world with time zone differences.

In each case, there involve benefits and challenges. So, the particular organization has to decide where you wish to outsource the projects, according to the specific need to be met. Let us analyze the extent to which it affects the outsourcing results.

Onshore and Nearshore Outsourcing

The benefit of outsourcing specific projects onshore or nearshore is, you can share many similarities with the outsourcing partner. They may share similar cultures, even the same language. If it is onshore, the regulations in business, market policies, and consumer trends will be almost the same. It makes the BPO company identify the requirement more effortlessly. In the case of onshore outsourcing, the partner company may be situated within the same city and helps to have real-time monitoring.

At the same time, it has several disadvantages too. The most important one among them is the high cost of hiring an assistant onshore. It may find difficult for small business firms and becomes a challenge in long run. In addition, nearshore outsourcing brings organizational hurdles but fails to return expected economic benefits. Because the operational costs in the nearshore country maybe not be different enough to compensate the remote process administration costs.


Offshore Outsourcing and its Possible Benefits

When joining hands with an offshore outsourcing company, you can get many advantages over the location. Even though there are cultural differences, language barriers, and organizational issues, it is far more cost-effective. Let us see why.

  • You get a vast choice of BPO services across the globe from which you can choose the best.
  • You can have an analysis of the price-quality ratio and compare it with onshore assistants.
  • Time zone difference makes them work when you sleep and bring the result in the morning. It helps you achieve productivity working 24 hours a day.
  • Even when they are situated in another part of the world, you can effectively communicate with them using digital channels.
  • You will become closer to the global trend and help to expand your business boundaries.
  • It brings strong competitive advantages attaining better efficiency and quality in results.
  • The assistance of experts from another part of the world can be more scalable and help you make comparisons.
  • They can provide you with technological advancements that help complete the project within quick turnaround times.

Even if the process is quite interesting and appealing, it also has its own challenges. valuable information can get deformed or altered in translation, and companies fail to recognize it. The failures in conveying the actual need will produce a less accurate result that becomes disappointing. But at the same time, you can have n number of other options for outsourcing, no matter how complex the project is.

Wrapping Up

We live in a society with enormously increasing consumer needs. Also, we have found updated methods to have purchased both online and offline. Remember how we became close to online apps during the pandemic period. As a result, companies must find the most effective and efficient strategies to attain better productivity. Those who fail to meet it will end up losing the market race.

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