How Is Social Intelligence Changing Market Research?


You may all have heard of Artificial Intelligence and how it is influencing the rest of the research and technology in many industries across the world. We have driverless cars and trains already in the market and are looking at developing intelligent robots that can replace men employed in hazardous locations such as mines and other places. In fact, we have installed intelligence in most of the devices to some extend by way of Internet of Things or IoT. So what is this Social Intelligence?

Social Intelligence is a major driving force for the marketing people to target their audience more intelligently based on their online habits and emotions expressed. Social intelligence is the latest method used by an intelligent outsourcing company to make the most of the information that the social media networks provide. It takes the product to the customer one step beyond personalization. It binds the customer emotionally too, making it irresistible to avoid.

Social Intelligence and Marketing

While social media was so far being used for personalization based on wider categories such as location, age, or sex, a vast proportion of the audience could in no way connect themselves to the products targeted for marketing at them. So the efforts of BPO outsourcing for marketing go wasted by targeting the wrong group of audience. But with social intelligence, the marketers are able to filter their audience one step further by adding the emotion quotient. It has a widely positive effect on the audience as well as the efforts taken by the marketers. This type of market research based on social intelligence also makes a huge difference on the management decisions.

Social Intelligence and Marketing Research

When your target audience is of the age 30, located in a particular region, who has purchased a particular brand’s product, with social intelligence, you can actually drill down to this level of information. Earlier, the important aspect of purchasing the particular product could not be or was never considered for a better target audience which would yield in the finer results that helps many management decisions. It has helped redefine the Web Research services by making the typically monotonous and dragging questionnaire into an intelligent one based on the customer’s social preferences.

Marketing research no longer has to be as interactive as it has already become intelligent. The researcher already knows most of the customer preferences and just has to narrow it down to a personal choice. The customer also feels happy that the researcher has most of the information required and is talking about or projecting something he or she already tends to like. By being able to explore consumer behavior, researchers are able to gain more knowledge about what specific aspect of marketing or the product has attracted them and they pass on this information to the brand. The brand now knows very well what has or has not worked in their favor and changes their strategy accordingly.

But then, with more options and players in the market, the customer is also getting a new option to try out every other day and this is a big threat to the decisions based on the researches done even a week back. It is hence important to utilize the services of outsourced web research which keeps it an ongoing process and you can benefit from close to real-time information.

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