Crucial Steps of Data Cleansing


Data cleansing services also known as data scrubbing services are important in any organization for creating quality data. The data cleansing involve the process of eliminating duplicate, incorrect, incomplete, and corrupted data present in any dataset. When different data sources are combined, there are possibilities for the data to be mislabeled or duplicated. When the data gets incorrect, the algorithms and outcomes become unreliable. So, the data cleansing companies in India are coming up with the right data cleansing solutions by executing crucial steps for data cleansing services.


Steps involved in data cleansing services

Below we describe the steps involved in the data cleansing process to bring out better data cleansing solutions.

Step1: Eliminating duplicate or irrelevant type observations

In this step of data cleansing process, one must remove the unnecessary observations from the dataset like duplicate or irrelevant ones. And with the help of data enrichment services, include data obtained from other sources. Duplicate type observations mainly occur during the process of data collection.Irrelevant types of observations are those observations that do not fit the problem you are analyzing. By minimizing such observations through the data cleansing process, one could obtain a better dataset.

Step2:  Fixing the structural type of errors

Structural type errors are those that occur while measuring or transferring the data. Incorrect capitalization, typos, strange naming conventions also come under it. The presence of such errors would lead to forming a mislabeled type of classes or categories. For example, if N/A or Not applicable both appear, they should be analyzed as the same category. By removing the structural type of errors, one could reach at better data cleansing solutions.

Step3: Filtering out the unwanted outliers

By removing an unwanted outlier that does not fit the data you are analyzing; would help to improve the performance of the data that you are handling.  Hence arriving at better data cleansing solutions. An outlier could be in the form of an improper data entry. Always the presence of an outlier does not mean that it is incorrect. In this step, data cleansing companies must check the validity of it and conclude whether to remove it or not.

Data cleansing

Step4:  Handling the missing type of data

Missing data could not be ignored as most algorithms might be relying on the missing data. There are different appraches to handle with missing data. Some of them are:

  • Drop out the missing values,
  • Make use of the data enrichment services and input the data.
  • Altering the way the data is being used to find out null values.

Step 5: Validation process

At the end of the process involved in data scrubbing services and data enrichment services, the data cleansing companies must be able to answer the below questions as part of the validation process.

  • Is the data making sense?
  • Whether the data is following the rules based on its field?
  • Whether it is proving or disproving the working theory?
  • Could you find out the new trends to form the basis of the next theory?
  • Is there any quality issue yet to be solved?


Always better quality data improves the business strategies. Different companies in India provide the right data cleansing services. They help the business to achieve the benefits of the right decision-making and good quality data.

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