Major reasons why the Indian BPO Industry is still successful?


India has made enormous growth and success in the outsourcing field. The term later turned in to Business processing outsourcing. The stepping of BPO service providers to the mainstream was around the mid-1990s. And it has shown abrupt changes over decades. There are some major reasons for this growth. 


  • The skilled pool of talent

Firms understood outsourcing is more than that of gaining cost-advantages. And then while looking at the whole BPO structure, the Indian industry has tight competitors like the Philippines, Vietnam, and other Asian countries. But still, India occupies the supreme slot. It is due to the accessibility of a skilled pool of talents and their technical knowledge. Therefore with efficiency and productivity, the skilled talents emphasized the growth of the Indian BPO industry. 

  • Cost-benefits

The tech-savvy manpower and the English handling workforce were the main attraction of India to be the best substitute for the in-house team. But later on, the effects were seen in the reduction in operational cost as well. This made India the perfect BPO service providers. Offshore companies start to enjoy huge cost advantages through outsourcing the business process services to India. 

  • India provides sound IT policies and attractions

India is the ideal outsourcing destination because it is sponsored by a stabilized pro-IT government whose policies on the economy, industrial parks, GDP growth, telecommunications, and special zones, taxation, together with communication systems, have been extremely helpful in improving infrastructures. In India, IT is considered one of the top five priority industries, and government-framed policies seek to get the maximum gain from IT outsourcing.

  • Taking advantage of the discount from Tier II Cities

Tier-II cities are relatively smaller cities, roughly 1 million inhabitants, and are typically regional centers such as state capitals or industrialized centers. It is highly beneficial for the Indian Outsourcing BPO companies, as tier-II cities are cost-effective. Even though the living price is rising over here, businesses are compelled to start operations in rural areas as they appeared likely to reduce operating costs dramatically in the long run.

  • Leveraging time zone differences

The time zone difference makes the Indian BPO companies to provide 24X7 services and rapid delivery as well. Therefore, the country’s unique geographic locations let you leverage the benefits of time zone differences. This turned the focus of Businesses towards India while outsourcing their BPO tasks.

  • Human Resource Advantage

While some of the Asian countries are on the same footing as India in providing cost-effective BPO services, the global market is not sufficiently humane. India, on the other hand, leads the BPO industry with its huge skilled practitioners, which proves that it is a perfect destination for offshore outsourcing.

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