Four Tips to Find Service Providers with eBook Conversion Services


Online reading has become an integral part of every reader’s day. Many publishers are considering outsourcing their book digitization to competent eBook Conversion Services to offer more options of books in the popular digital formats. E-publishing sources are affordable and easier than traditional publishing, which increases the popularity of self-published books. But the market is saturated and it’s difficult to get your book noticed. E-book conversion services will help you to hit the market by using technology for quality assurance and offering to showcase your books to the right audience.

With more players entering the ebook publishing industry, the competition levels are very high. It is quite challenging to figure out the right service provider from among the many in the market offering cheap rates and value-added services. Before you decide upon your outsourcing partner for e-book publishing, you may consider the following 4 points:

eBook Conversion Services

Market Experience

Your outsourcing partner’s market experience can help you grow better. Small and medium businesses that are venturing newly into offering ebooks for their customers can definitely leverage their outsourcing partner’s market experience in providing world-class eBook Creation Services. The quality that they render would be a class apart, helping the business to make a mark with their ebooks. Even the large enterprises venturing newly into the ebook market can leverage the outsourcing partner’s expertise.

Workforce Strength

The larger the workforce the faster the results which is true for outsourcing firms. When you outsource e-book conversion services to a competent outsourcing partner, your business can get the conversion services much faster as the outsourcing partner will have ample resources to deliver fast without compromising on the quality. This is a major advantage for businesses that are looking at a short deadline for getting their books digitized.


Analyze the clientele of the outsourcing partner you are considering for conversion of ePub. A good and strong client list shows the quality and commitment offered by the outsourcing partner. The business can significantly gain knowledge and experience with a good clientele. The verticals of the clientele, their industries, the variety of work done for them all add to the experience and expertise of the outsourcing partner which the business can leverage.

Compare the Terms & Conditions

Every company that outsources e-book formatting will have a different set of terms and conditions to suit their business purposes. Compare the terms and conditions listed down by the outsourcing companies that you have shortlisted and look for clarity, flexibility, and completeness. Make sure that the terms are clearly mentioned without any ambiguity. Check how flexible they are in terms of accommodating your business needs. If they are too rigid, they may not serve your business purpose. Check for completeness of terms and conditions. Open ended terms can lead to complexities which can ruin the business relations.

These 4 aspects are very critical to consider while choosing the right outsourcing partner for your ebook conversion requirements. More aspects such as the technology used, scalability and cost are also important while finalizing the outsourcing partner.


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