Operating Model and Management in a BPO Firm


Outsourcing firms offer their services in many ways. They offer their expert services not only across various domains and services but also in various methods and modes. One of the most popular operating models adopted by outsourcing firms is that of onsite-offshore-offsite-hybrid outsourcing. Under this model, depending on the client’s requirement and feasibility, the most suitable operational model is chosen and accordingly the resources are allocated. When the work is location-specific and needs to be done onsite, the outsourcing firm allocates their resources at the client location and communicates with them regularly to get the job done. Offshore data services are more commonly opted when the location is not as important and the work can be done from anywhere. Offsite outsourcing is also like offshoring, the only difference being that the outsourcing firm and parent company may be in the same location but function independently.

Onsite Outsourcing& Its Advantages

Onsite outsourcing is usually done when the client requests for it specifically and asks the outsourcing firm to delegate staff to work on the processes at the clients’ site. This is usually done when the information is classified or the process has to be completed exclusively onsite. As far as the parent company is concerned it is the safest bet. For the BPO Company it is convenient as the complete infrastructure and equipment are provided by the parent company. This is more like staff augmentation.

Offshoring & Its Advantages

If you want to outsource the processes such that the entire process is completed at the outsourcing partners’ office premises and the deliverables are sent to the parent company, offshore outsourcing services India is a desirable option. This is the desirable option when the parent company and the outsourcing company are located in different countries. Under this model the outsourcing company will undertake to complete the processes at its premises using it own resources. The outsourcing company will have complete control over its resources and workflow. The entire risk is also vested with the outsourcing partner. This is a convenient way of getting the work done for the parent company as they do not have to invest on the infrastructure or resources and yet get the job done efficiently.

Offsite Outsourcing & Its Advantages

Offsite outsourcing is similar to offshoring except that both the parties are in the same country. The parent company can reap all benefits of offshoring and outsourcing and yet be able to audit the work easily as they are located in the same country. The confusions arising from difference in legal regulations and currencies do not affect the parties under this model of outsourcing.

Hybrid Outsourcing & Its Advantages

Under this operational model, the outsourcing partner will have a team working on the processing part offshore though the parent company will interact with their team offsite. Both the parties benefit from all the advantages of offshoring and offsite outsourcing in the hybrid model.

Outsourcing companies usually deal with multiple models and choose the right model based on the client’s requirements. A reputed and experienced outsourcing company with branches located in many countries will have ample resources across the world that is competent to complete the outsourced business processes efficiently.

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