5 Important tips for Reliable Transcription Service Outsourcing


Round the clock, accurate, and affordable services are the vital element that every client look in for his transcription service provider.  But sometimes  poor quality transcription service, or late project delivery would result in huge loss. So it is   vital to narrow down your search, and find the best outsourcing partner for you.

But the process of selecting and choosing the optimum outsourcing partner is sometime tedious and hectic work.  To make your search reliable, here are some tips how you can make better choice among lots of option.

Step 1: Know your requirement level

Prior your search for a transcription service provider analyses your actual requirement and make a proper budget how much you want to invest and what is your level of expectations.  Discuss with your team and try to find the answer   and cross examine if your service provider is capable of handling your task efficiently.

Step 2: Research for optimum choice

After analyzing your transcription need and have clear idea of what type of service provider you want, start researching for the service provider of your choice. Web research will let you with lots of options and according to your criteria and requirement you can narrow down the choices.  Observe their relation with their clients and other terms and condition.

Step 3: Try to contact with their representative

After narrow down your research and before finalizing any deal, try to contact with their representative and ask for sample work, their level of accuracy, which software and latest tool they are using and what sort of training and seminar they are providing to their team.  If possible, ask for free trial and check the level of accuracy before assigning final project to them.

Step 4:  Maintain the proper communication throughout the process.

Once you decide to which service provider you have to outsource your transcription service and you are completely satisfied with their techniques and samples.  Ask for timely report; give them a clear idea of your requirement and your expectations, and maintain proper communication with the team and check the accuracy level at each stage of project.

Step 5: Check the complete transcript thoroughly.

Once your project is completely delivered to you in transcript form, check the final complete transcript, check the accuracy level or level of work done is according to your expectations or not, if you are not satisfied with the level of their service, request the service provider to make changes according to your expectation. Provide them with proper feedback and maintain long term relation if you are happy with their service.

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